28mm preform

This type of preform is used for carbonated products and sweets, Khosh Noush Kavir Company achived the customer needs by increasing the quality of the preforms and reducing weight of the preform and reducing the cost of the final products of our dear customers .
The company's preforms include the following weights

New generation of Preforms

30mm preform

These preforms come in two types of Neck,Normal and shorts Neck that Khosh Noush Kavir Company offers in both fields the best quality and the best preform weights with world-class maps that enable dear customers to use the company's products with the least waste.
The company's 30mm preforms include the following weights

Normal and shorts Neck Preform

38mm preform

Premiere span of 38 mm is used for 250 cc and 1 liter (1000 cc) bottles of milk and fruit juice, and Khosh Noush Kavir Company has been able to produce the highest quality and lowest weight preform products using European molds for our Dear customers and cover their needs with very high production (quantity)
The company's 38mm preforms include the following weights

38mm preform


Bottle types 1 and 2 are available upon request

Bottle Per Request